Notice of Achievement of Title in April

Decimated Development News #1

We would like to extend our gratitude to our exceptional members at MSX Global who have shown outstanding performance throughout the month of April. They have set high goals for themselves and tirelessly strived towards those goals, showing their dedication to the MSX community by achieving special titles.

The following members have been promoted to the title of Baron: nj***9 kj***89 d***wan su***35 k***89 yu***1 a***54 jj***00 jj***00 b***800 ve***21 hf***82 dm***43 zr***56 qt***79 wx***35 br***89 lp***12 mk***76 jn***54 cv***38 nb***93 xj***17 lk***80 ou***91 pi***25 rq***47 sw***60 ty***83 uv***06 wz***29 xa***52 yb***75 zc***98 ad***21 be***44 cf***67 dg***90 eh***13 fi***36 gj***59 hk***82 il***05 jm***28 kn***51 lo***74 mp***97 nq***20 or***43 ps***66 qt***89 ru***12 sv***35 tw***58 ux***81 vy***04 wz***27 xa***50 yb***73 zc***96 ad***19 be***42 cf***65 dg***88 eh***11 fi***34 gj***57 hk***80 il***03 jm***26 kn***49 lo***72 mp***95 nq***18 or***41 ps***64 qt***87 ru***10 sv***33 tw***56 These individuals have demonstrated remarkable leadership and outstanding results, leading the MSX community forward. In addition, the following members have been promoted to the title of Viscount: aj***00 cn***69 b***47 g***91 jj***6 kl***9 mn***12 op***15 qr***18 st***21 uv***24 wx***27 yz***30 ab***33 cd***36 ef***39 gh***42 ij***45 kl***48 mn***51 op***54 qr***57 st***60 uv***63 wx***66 yz***69 ab*** The title bonus is scheduled to be distributed in a lump sum on May 25th, according to Pacific Standard Time.