NFT form

This graph is the composition of the current NFT game and the entire game market. In the early days, collective games, which only sell character products, accounted for most of the NFT market, but NFT + P2E + AAA-class games are currently in the spotlight in the market.MSX is the game model that best matches the model.

Community DAO

P2E games such as Exy Infinity in the past used to be a structure in which developers re-work content and generate profits to users, but now developers also invest as a subject of the game's community and receive dividends accordingly. In the end, in the past, if there was a clear distinction between developers and users, both developers and users are currently coexisting as investors of the game community DAO.MSX was developed as a structure in which developers also take profits from dividends by conducting blockchain development based on the DAO model.

Source of income

Benefit from community DAO, ongoing revenue from previously released games, platforms, dApps, 25% of MSX's development investments, ecosystem sharing systems of revenue from marketplaces.

Unlike existing P2Es, MSX is a structure in which the headquarters is also regarded as an investor and receives dividends on MSX's income.

Gaming market

Currently, several international conglomerates are taking strong control of the market. After the opening of MSX Phase 2, we will sell MSX packages after registering with Steam and various online markets. We plan to attract and operate 50,000 general members by the third quarter of 2023.For him, he plans to start advertising in earnest from the first quarter of 2023 by recruiting SNS including Instagram and various YouTubers.


MSX has actively attracted members starting with Phase 1, predicting that marketplace sales revenue will surpass package sales revenue from the second quarter of 2023. The sales proceeds are 100% returned to the ecosystem of MSX, and dividends are received according to their own contribution from MSX.